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Car air conditioning regas, leak checks and repairs in Petersfield

Is your air conditioning not working properly? We provide air conditioning recharges, checks and repairs including full car air conditioning servicing at Automatt. We’re based in Rake so customers in Petersfield, Hill Brow, Midhurst and surrounding areas can have access to our services.

Is your air conditioning blowing out hot air?

If your car air conditioning is blowing out hot air and doesn’t appear to be as efficient as it used to be, it can be due to low refrigerant gas levels, a loose connection or a leak in the system. Over time, your air conditioning system loses its refrigerant gas. It’s about 10% each year. Therefore, it is recommended by most car manufacturers to recharge or regas the system in order to keep it topped up and running efficiently. If this isn’t done, it can mean that your air conditioning system blows out hot air or takes a little longer for the cool air to come out.

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How do I fix my air conditioning?

We offer a range of services at Automatt garage that cover your air conditioning system. We can do a simple recharge of the system, however, if your system still doesn’t blow out cold air or stops working shortly after, it can indicate that there’s a problem with the system. Our team will be able to check your system for any leaks or blockages.

Your air conditioning is made up of a complex system including the refrigerant, condenser, compressor and evaporator. The system takes in the air and uses a process of turning the refrigerant gas into liquid and back into gas in order to dry out the air and make it icy cold. This means each of these components can be affected by leaks, blockages or other damage. It’s important to get a trained technician to take a look to make sure that you’re not wasting time recharging your system over and over again only to find it’s still not working a few months later.

Full air conditioning servicing for your car

Every 2 years or so, it is recommended to get a full air conditioning service for your car. This ensures that your system is thoroughly checked and topped up, keeping you cool when you need it most. During a car air conditioning service, we’ll flush out the system so that we can check for any repairs, we’ll then refill the gas and test the system to make sure we’ve not missed anything. If you need repairs, we’ll contact you so you can let us know if you want us to repair it for you or not.

Why do I need my air conditioning serviced?

When you get your car air conditioning service, it means that you’re not allowing the system to breakdown. Keeping your car topped up and efficiently working means that each component can last for longer. As your system loses its refrigerant gas over time, it will eventually stop blowing out cool air. When driving your car during hotter months, it can be important for your safety and comfort to stay cool, especially when on long journeys or when you’re stuck in traffic. Not only does it help during the summer, but also when the weather is wetter, your air conditioning systems helps to dry out the air within your car. This allows for efficient removal of mist and steaming up of the windows so you can get on the roads a little quicker.

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