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Engine fault code reading and repairs in Petersfield

Automatt garage in Petersfield provides engine diagnostic checks on all makes and models of cars. If you’ve got warning lights on your dashboard or are experiencing problems with your car, you might need a car diagnostic check to help identify problems.

What’s a diagnostic check?

Most modern cars have an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which hooks up to different systems within your car. During a car diagnostic check, we’ll scan these different systems using the latest software. This helps to identify any problems and the system lets us know by providing a series of error codes.

Our mechanics are then able to translate these codes into specific areas of your vehicle, where they can find the fault and get it repaired with our approval.

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What parts are scanned during a diagnostic test?

We have invested in the latest equipment in engine diagnostics which allows us to connect any make or model of car. It can identify your specific vehicle and check components against manufacturer’s specifications to see if there are any errors.

The system will check various areas of your vehicle including the engine, the brake system, airbags and more. Any warning lights that are diagnosed and fixed will be set right before you come to collect your vehicle.

Why does it mean when a warning light comes on your dashboard?

There are a number of different lights on your dashboard that can come alight when there are problems with your car. Most vehicles will have a brake light, malfunction indicator light, coolant warning light, oil warning light and engine management lights as well as a service light. When your car is experiencing faults with any of these, these lights will illuminate on your dashboard to notify you something is wrong.

These lights can sometimes indicate a small issue, such as a faulty electrical sensor or can be an indication of larger mechanical issues. That’s why, at Automatt, we conduct in-depth car diagnostic checks on your system so we can quickly and accurately find the problem.

Repairs after your diagnostic test

If your car needs repairs once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we’ll contact you to let you know the outcome. Our mechanics will run through the diagnosis and let you know what needs to be done in order to get your car back on the road. As we mentioned before, this can be anything from a small electrical fault to major mechanical repairs. We won’t know until we look at your car. With your approval, we will repair your vehicle and let you know when the work is done.

Book your diagnostic check online by entering your registration into the booking widget. You’ll be able to check out prices and you can book additional repairs, your car service or MOT at the same time. If you’re not sure if you can drive your car or not, we’ll always be happy to speak to you over the phone first to try and see if we can work out if it is safe or not. We can’t give an accurate quotation until we look at your car, but we can help you out if you’re worried. Book online or give us a call today.

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