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Exhaust, brakes, tyres and replacement parts in Petersfield

Do you need replacement parts or repairs in Petersfield for your car? Look no further than Automatt Garage. We’re fully equipped with the latest technology, the best team of mechanics and a passion for cars that allows us to help customers when their car needs repairs.

MOT repairs

At Automatt, we can arrange DVSA approved MOT testing for our customers with class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles. That means we can provide repairs for cars, caravans, private passenger vehicles (up to 16 seats), ambulances and taxis, and goods vehicles up to 3,500kg dgw. If your MOT has failed for some reason or you’re worried about the outcome, we can check out your vehicle and provide repairs and replacement parts for any make or model. We’ll efficiently conduct the work so that we can get your MOT retest sorted as soon as possible and you can get back on the roads again. We’ll only do what’s needed in order to get you to pass unless you say otherwise.

Car service repairs

Similarly, with your MOT, we offer repairs and replacement parts if any problems are identified during your regular car services. We follow manufacturer’s schedules and will always check your car’s service history so that we make sure your car gets what it needs and no more. We use original equipment parts or equivalent quality on your car too, so any existing warranty you may have on your car will still remain valid.

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Exhaust fitting and replacements

We can supply and fit replacement exhaust systems on any make or model. If you’re experiencing problems with your exhaust box or exhaust emissions, we can take a look for you to check where the problem lies. We’ll test the exhaust, check the silencer and see if the problems you are experiencing are internal or external. Once we can get an understanding of what the problem is, we can provide you with a free quote. Our team are fully qualified to fit new exhausts and we’ll source quality parts for your vehicle to ensure it runs smoothly with the new equipment.

New tyres and wheel alignment

Not only we can fit and replace exhausts, we can also source a wide range of budget and premium tyres for your vehicles. We can supply mid-range, premium and budget tyres for your car to suit your budget, or if you’re looking for specific tyres we can source them for you for maximum performance on your vehicle. You tyre tread needs to be above 1.6mm for your car to be deemed roadworthy during your MOT test. If you’re not sure if you need new tyres or not, we’ll check out your tyres for you visually to see if they need replacing before an MOT test. We can also check any wheel alignment and provide 4-wheel laser wheel alignment if your car tyres have moved into the wrong angles.

General car repairs

In addition to tyres, wheel alignment and exhaust repairs and replacements, we also provide repairs on any component in your vehicle. This includes steering, suspension, brake pads and discs replacement, gearboxes, cambelts, fluid top up and flushing, welding and any other problems you might be experiencing. If you’re looking for affordable repairs at a garage you can rely on, then Automatt is the garage for you. We cater to customers in the Petersfield and surrounding areas and you can book any service online at a time that suits you!

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